Tapioca Pearls - Bubble Tea

Tapioca pearls which are very easy to prepare for your pearl tea or Boba Tea recipes.

Weight: 250g

* Vegan and gluten free


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What are tapioca pearls? The flagship ingredient of Bubble Tea

Tapioca pearls are the traditional and essential ingredient for making pearl tea or bubble tea. When Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the 80s, the drink was made with black tea, tapioca pearls and a drop of milk. Tapioca pearls are made from cassava root starch and brown sugar. So they're suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets. They bring a sweet taste and a pleasant texture in the mouth. Often difficult to make, especially to get the right texture, we've chosen a product specially designed for Boba Tea, which is very easy and quick to make.

Making Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls

Bubble Tea or Pearl Tea is a drink which comes to us from Taiwan. It's a mixture of green or black tea, syrup, fruit or tapioca pearls and possibly milk. For a glass of bubble tea, use about 30-50g of fruit pearls. 

To make the tapioca pearls:

1- Gently immerse your tapioca pearls in boiling water (10 parts water for 1 part pearls) and stir slowly.

2- Once the pearls have risen to the surface, cover with a lid and boil over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

3- Turn off the heat and simmer the pearls for another 2-3 minutes according to your tastes

4- Remove the Tapioca pearls using a small strainer and plunge them into cold water for 20 seconds. 

5- In a dry container, you can then mix your tapioca pearls with sugar or honey depending on the flavour you want to give them.

Ingredients: Tapioca starch, water, cornstarch, caramel, guar gum, sodium diacetate, sodium dehydroacetate, flavouring.

Store cool and away from humidity.

Please note that, due to their diameter and texture, fruit pearls are not suitable for children under 4 years old.