Glass drinking fountain with infuser (5L)

Glass drinking fountain with infuser allows you to make flavoured waters, iced tea or other cocktails according to your wishes. It has a comfortable capacity of 5.25l and a tap for self-service. An essential item for the summer; the ideal companion for sunny days or festive evenings.

Capacity: 5.25l
Weight: 2.2kg

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A drinking fountain with an infuser to refresh your summer

Do you have a BBQ? Do you have a hammock? All you need is a drinking fountain. And if you don't have the other two, you can start with the fountain; the rest will come by itself. With a comfortable capacity of more than 5 litres, this environmentally friendly drinking fountain allows you to make all kinds of infusions according to your mood or the time of day. Equipped with a tap, everyone can help themselves to iced tea, flavoured water or a festive cocktail.

Setting up the drinking fountain with infuser

The drinking fountain comes with an infuser and a tap. First remove the infuser to find the small bag containing the tap. Attach a first seal to the tap then insert it into the hole provided for this purpose. Attach the second seal from the inside then screw the nut to hold the tap in place.

That's it, your drinking fountain is ready to use!

Using the infuser drinking fountain

This glass fountain is an XXL infusion dispenser. You can put fruits, vegetables, spices infused in water, tea, fruit juice or even alcohol in the infuser. Just avoid fizzy drinks, the fountain isn't made for that ;)

Let your imagination run wild: lemon water, iced citrus tea, cucumber water, iced mint tea, strawberry water, "rum arrangé"... You can also add ice cubes to keep your infusion cool. 

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